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I’m grateful to David Cantwell for his thoughts and some generous page scans.

Archives/ Articles/ Interviews

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Berea College’s Lily May Ledford Collection. If you have further interest in Ledford’s life, and in the Coon Creek Girls, please visit this site, whose resources include multiple recordings of Ledford performing and being interviewed, along with transcripts of interviews, many conducted by Lisa Yarger. (Without High and Yarger, so much of the Coon Creek Girls’ story would have been lost. I’m indebted to their work, and grateful for it.)

Among the interviews used for this essay, whether as quotes or background, were those conducted with: Sue Massek, Jerry Byrd, Cari Norris, Mike Seeger, Alice Gerrard, Glenn Pennington, John Lair and Bascom Lamar Lunsford. The most essential ones are listed further below.

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—. Interview transcripts with Evelyn “Daisy” Lang (sic) Perry, 13 August 1993; 30 May 1994; 4 September 1994. [In the Berea LML Collection.] The vast majority of Lange Perry’s quotes are from these invaluable, unvarnished interviews.