6. Sources

To my knowledge, there are no substantive biographies or critical studies of The Bangles in print at present. This ought to change.

There are a few books in which The Bangles are a piece of the story. Most essentially, Bill DeYoung’s chapter on the band in his I Need to Know: The Lost Music Interviews (2019), an extension of a feature that he wrote for Goldmine in 2000 for which he spoke to each Bangle and Miles Copeland, was the central source for the Different Light and Everything eras in this essay. Tell Me When It’s Over: Notes From the Paisley Underground, edited by Clive Jones (2006), is an atlas of the Paisley Underground: a collection of contemporary interviews with every band, apart from The Bangles, who are barely mentioned. Barney Hoskyns’ LA music history Waiting for the Sun (1996) has a section on the Paisley Underground; here, The Bangles are introduced as being “pretty terrible—four girls-next-door in sixties mini-skirts who could barely play their instruments.” Jim DeRogatis’ Turn On Your Mind (2003) is also good on the Underground, also fairly dismissive of The Bangles. Marc Spitz and Brendan Mullen’s We Got the Neutron Bomb (2001) has a key interview with Michael Steele about her time in the Runaways.

But the best chroniclers of The Bangles are on the internet; by far the best of these is Rachel Macari. She is to The Bangles what Nicholas Pegg is to Bowie—the most comprehensive and reliable source chronicling their work. Her history of the early (up until Different Light) Bangles from 2018 was invaluable for this piece, as was her Bang Go the Bangles, which has a Concert Chronology and a chronological Song Guide. There’s also a great site devoted to Michael Steele, which has a gig chronology and interviews with Steele’s friends and former bandmates: the Mark Buchholtz, Laura Molina and Joe Iaquinto quotes are from here.

Otherwise, the story of The Bangles is the one they’ve told the press over the course of forty years.



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