6. Discography

Susanna Hoffs: lead and harmony vocal, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, tambourine; Debbi Peterson [hereafter “DP”]: lead and harmony vocal, drums, percussion, bass, guitar; Vicki Peterson [“VP”]: lead and harmony vocal, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion, bass.



Demos [as The Bangs]. Recorded: ca. June 1981, LA; first release: 27 November 2014, Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bangles! (compilation), Omnivore OVCD-182.

Outside Chance [Zevon]/ Steppin’ Out [Lindsay, Revere]/ The Real World [Hoffs, VP]/ Call on Me [Hoffs, VP, Roback].

Lead vocal: Hoffs: Real, Call; VP: Outside, Steppin’.

Getting Out of Hand/ Call on Me [as The Bangs], Downkiddie Records DK 001. Recorded: ca. November 1981, Radio Tokyo; first release: late December 1981.

Lead vocal: Hoffs.

+ Annette Zilinskas: bass, harmonica, harmony vocal.



NO Mag Commercial. Recorded: ca. April 1982, Radio Tokyo; first release: ca. January 1983, The Radio Tokyo Tapes (Ear Movie Records EM C0027).

Bitchen Summer/Speedway [Hoffs, Roback]. Recorded: ca. summer 1982, Radio Tokyo?; first release: December 1982, Rodney on the ROQ Vol. III (Posh Boy PBS 140).



Bangles (EP), Faulty Products FEP 1302. Recorded: ca. June 1982; first release: January 1983 [slated October 1982 release pushed back due to band name change].

The Real World [Hoffs, VP]/ I’m in Line [Hoffs, DP, VP]/ Want You [VP]// Mary Street [Hoffs, VP]/ How Is the Air Up There? [Duboff, Kornfeld].

Lead vocals: Hoffs [World, Street], DP [Line], VP [Want You, Air].

-Zilinskas + Michael Steele: lead and harmony vocal, bass, guitar, percussion.



Hero Takes a Fall/ Where Were You When I Needed You [Sloane, Barri], Columbia 38-04479. First release: ca. May 1984 (UK #96).

All Over the Place, Columbia BFC 39220. Recorded: ca. winter 1983-early 1984, Crystal Sound and Soundcastle (Hollywood); Skyline Recording (Topanga); first release: 23 May 1984 (US #80, UK #86).

Hero Takes a Fall [Hoffs, VP]/ Live [Rhodes]/ James [VP]/ All About You [VP]/ Dover Beach [Hoffs, VP]// Tell Me [Hoffs, VP]/ Restless [Hoffs, VP]/ Going Down to Liverpool [Rew]/ He’s Got a Secret [VP]/ Silent Treatment [VP]/ More Than Meets the Eye [VP].

Lead vocals: Hoffs [Hero, James, Dover, Tell Me, Secret]; VP [All About, Restless, Silent]; DP [Live, Liverpool]; all + Steele [More].


Going Down to Liverpool/ Dover Beach, Columbia 38-04634. First rel.: ca. October 1984 (UK #79).


The Goonies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Epic SE 40067. Rel: June 1985.

I Got Nothing [Hoffs, VP, Shear].

Manic Monday/ In a Different Light, Columbia 38-05757. First rel.: late December 1985 (US #2, UK #2).



Different Light, Columbia BFC 40039. Rec.: ca. July-September 1985, Sunset Sound and Sunset Sound Factory, LA; first release: 2 January 1986 (US #2, UK #3).

Manic Monday [Prince, as “Christopher”]/ Different Light [Hoffs, VP]/ Walking Down Your Street [Hoffs, Gutierrez, Kahne]/ Walk Like an Egyptian [Sternberg]/ Standing In the Hallway [Hoffs, DP, VP, Kahne]/ Return Post [Hoffs, VP]// If She Knew What She Wants [Shear]/ Let It Go [Hoffs, DP, VP, Steele]/ September Gurls [Chilton]/ Angels Don’t Fall in Love [Hoffs, VP]/ Following [Steele]/ Not Like You [DP, VP, Kahne].

Lead vocals: Hoffs [Monday, Walking, If She Knew, Egyptian], VP [Different, Egyptian, Return, Angels], DP [Standing, Not Like], Steele [Egyptian, Following, Gurls], all [Let It Go].

If She Knew What She Wants/ Not Like You, Columbia 38-05886. First rel.: April 1986 (US #29, UK #31).


Walk Like an Egyptian/ Angels Don’t Fall In Love (Not Like You on some issues), Columbia 650071-7. First release: September 1986 (US #1, UK #3).


Walking Down Your Street/ Return Post, Columbia 38-06674. First rel.: February 1987 (US #11, UK #16).

Following/ Dover Beach. First rel.: April 1987 (UK/Europe issue only).


Hazy Shade of Winter [Simon]/ She’s Lost You [Joan Jett & the Blackhearts track, also on the Less Than Zero soundtrack], Def Jam/Columbia 38-07630/ BANGS Q3. First rel.: November 1987 (US #2, UK #11).


In Your Room/ Bell Jar, Columbia 38-08090. First rel.: October 1988 (US #5, UK #35).


Everything, Columbia 44056. Recorded: February-ca. May 1988, Ocean Way and Studio 55, LA; first release: 18 October 1988 (US #15, UK #5).

In Your Room [Hoffs, Kelly, Steinberg]/ Complicated Girl [Steele, White]/ Bell Jar [VP, DP]/ Something to Believe In [Lowen, Navarro, Steele, White]/ Eternal Flame [Hoffs, Kelly, Steinberg]/ Be With You [DP, Igleheart]// Glitter Years [Steele, White]/ I’ll Set You Free [Hoffs, Lowen, Navarro]/ Watching the Sky [Hoffs, VP]/ Some Dreams Come True [DP, Igleheart]/ Make a Play For Her Now [VP, Vincent]/ Waiting for You [Hoffs, Kelly, Steinberg]/ Crash and Burn [VP, Sweet].

Lead vocal: Hoffs [Room, Flame, Free, Waiting], VP [Bell, Play, Watching, Crash], DP [Be With, Dreams], Steele [Complicated, Something, Glitter].



Eternal Flame/ What I Meant to Say, Columbia 38-68533. First rel.: January 1989 (US #1, UK #1).

Be With You/ Let It Go, Columbia 38-68744. First rel.: June 1989 (US #30, UK #23).

I’ll Set You Free/ Watching the Sky. First rel.: fall 1989 (UK/Europe only, UK #74).


Greatest Hits, 8 May 1990. (US #97, UK #4).

Everything I Wanted (Everything session track, unreleased until here).


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: More Music from the Motion Picture, Maverick 9 47538-2.

Get the Girl [Hoffs, VP, DP].



Doll Revolution, Koch/DownKiddie KOC-CD-9515. Recorded: ca. 2000-2002, Conway Studios. First rel.: 9 September 2003 (UK #62).

Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution) [Costello]/ Stealing Rosemary [Hoffs, VP, DP]/ Something That You Said [Caffey, Hoffs, VP]/ Ask Me No Questions [Igleheart, DP]/ The Rain Song [Cowsill, VP]/ Nickel Romeo [LeGassick, Ray, Steele]/ Ride the Ride [Hoffs, DP, VP, Schwartz]/ I Will Take Care of You [Hoffs, O’Brian]/ Here Right Now [DP, Rafelson]/ Single By Choice [VP]/ Lost at Sea [Hoffs, DP]/ Song for a Good Son [Steele]/ Mixed Messages [VP]/ Between the Two [Steele, White]/ Grateful [Bottrell, Hoffs, Schwartz].

Lead vocals: Hoffs [Doll, Something, Care, Ride, Grateful]; VP [Rosemary, Rain, Single, Ride, Mixed]; DP [Rosemary, Ask Me, Here, Ride]; Steele [Romeo, Good Son, Two]




Sweetheart of the Sun, Model Music Group, MMG 20412. Recorded: ca. 2010, Lolina Green Studios; first release: 27 September 2011 (US #148).

Anna Lee (Sweetheart of the Sun) [Hoffs, VP, DP]/ Under a Cloud [Hoffs, Macleod, Schwartz]/ Ball N Chain [DP, Igleheart]/ I’ll Never Be Through With You [Hoffs, VP, Caffey]/ Mesmerized [Hoffs, VP, DP]/ Circles in the Sky [VP]// Sweet and Tender Romance [Carter, Lewis, ]/ Lay Yourself Down [VP]/ One of Two [Hoffs, VP, DP]/ What a Life [VP, DP]/ Through Your Eyes [Hoffs, VP]/ Open My Eyes [Rundgren].

+ Zilinskas



3 x 4 [with Three O’Clock, Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate], Yep Roc Records 2596. Recorded: ca. 2017, Sonic Boom Room, LA; first release: 23 November 2018.

That’s What You Always Say [Wynn]/ Talking in My Sleep [Roback, Piucci]/ Jet Fighter [Gutierrez, Quercio, Mariano].