5. Discography (Supplemental)

As the Benny Goodman Quartet is but one chapter of the story of these four musicians, the following is a very partial, seriously selective discography that encompasses, along with Goodman Trio and Sextet recordings, some of Gene Krupa’s, Goodman’s, Teddy Wilson’s, and Lionel Hampton’s best leader and accompanist performances, over the long course of half of a long century.
The majority of these tracks are in my Spotify playlist but, as should ever be noted, Spotify is not the Encyclopedia Galactica. There are the usual appalling gaps (e.g., essential late Thirties Goodman tracks; some great Eddie Sauter arrangements for BG in the early Forties; much of Goodman’s “bebop” era. BG’s later works are also ill-served by the streamers).
This list, not exhaustive, still quite exhausting to assemble, is meant to offer some magnificent American jazz recorded between the administrations of Calvin Coolidge and Jimmy Carter. Enjoy.



Ben Pollack & His Orchestra, Waitin’ For Katie, 7 December 1927 [Goodman].

McKenzie & Condon’s Chicagoans, Nobody’s Sweetheart, 16 December 1927 [Krupa].

Benny Goodman & His Boys, A Jazz Holiday, 23 January 1928.

Goodman, Clarinetitis; That’s a Plenty, 13 June 1928.

Goodman & His Boys, Room 1411, 23 June 1928.

Jimmy Bracken’s Toe Ticklers, It’s Tight Like That, 15 March 1929 [Goodman].

Paul Howard’s Quality Serenaders, California Swing, 3 February 1930 [Hampton].


Hoagy Carmichael Orchestra, Rockin’ Chair; Barnacle Bill the Sailor, 21 May 1930 [Goodman, Krupa].

Red Nichols & the Five Pennies, Who?, 27 August 1930 [Goodman, Krupa].

Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra, Memories of You, 16 October 1930 [Hampton].

Goodman & His Orchestra (w/ Harold Arlen), Linda, 7 November 1930.

Ted Lewis & His Band (w/ Fats Waller), I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby, 5 March 1931 [Goodman].

Ted Lewis & His Band, Royal Garden Blues, 6 March 1931 [Goodman].

Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti, After You’ve Gone, 22 October 1931 [Goodman].

Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra, I’ve Got the World on a String, 28 January 1933 [Wilson].


Chocolate Dandies, I Never Knew, 10 October 1933 [Wilson].

Mezz Mezzrow & His Orchestra, Dissonance, 6 November 1933 [Wilson].

Red Norvo Quartet, In a Mist; Dance of the Octopus, 21 November 1933 [Goodman].

Bessie Smith, Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer, 24 November 1933 [Goodman—barely audible, but it’s a great track].

Goodman & His Orchestra (with Billie Holiday), Your Mother’s Son-in-Law, 27 November 1933.

Goodman & His Orchestra, Moonglow, 14 May 1934 [Wilson; first session w/Goodman].

Teddy Wilson, Liza; Rosetta, 22 May 1934.

Isham Jones Orchestra, Georgia Jubilee, 16 July 1934 [Goodman].

Goodman & His Music Hall Orchestra, Bugle Call Rag, 16 August 1934.

Willie Bryant & His Orchestra, Throwin’ Stones at the Sun, 4 January 1935 [Wilson].

Red Norvo & His Swing Octet, Bughouse; Blues in E Flat, 25 January 1935 [Wilson, Krupa; first session together].

Goodman Orchestra, Hunkadola; I’m Livin’ in a Great Big Way; Hooray For Love, 4 April 1935.

Willie Bryant & His Orchestra, The Sheik of Araby, 8 May 1935 [Wilson].

Goodman Orchestra, Get Rhythm in Your Feet (And Music in Your Soul); Blue Skies, 25 June 1935.

—. King Porter Stomp, 1 July 1935.

Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra (w/ Billie Holiday), I Wished on the Moon; What a Little Moonlight Can Do; Miss Brown to You, 2 July 1935. [Goodman]



Benny Goodman Trio, After You’ve Gone; Body and Soul; Who?; Someday, Sweetheart, 13 July 1935.

Goodman Orchestra, Goodbye; Madhouse, 27 September 1935.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, If You Were Mine, 25 October 1935.

Goodman Orchestra, No Other One; Basin Street Blues; If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight), 22 November 1935.

Teddy Wilson, On Treasure Island, 22 November 1935.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, You Let Me Down; Spreadin’ Rhythm Around, 3 December 1935.

Goodman Orchestra, Stompin’ at the Savoy, 24 January 1936.

Wilson Orchestra w/ Holiday, Life Begins When You’re In Love, 30 January 1936.

Wilson Orchestra w/ Ella Fitzgerald, All My Life, 17 March 1936.

Goodman Orchestra, Get Happy; Christopher Columbus, 30 March 1936.

—. Stardust; The Glory of Love; Walk, Jennie Walk, 23 April 1936.


Goodman Trio, China Boy; More Than You Know; All My Life, 24 April 1936.

—. Oh Lady Be Good; Nobody’s Sweetheart; Too Good To Be True, 27 April 1936 [as with previous session, Helen Ward on occ. vocal (“All My Life,” “Too Good”)].

Wilson Orchestra, Warmin’ Up; Blues in C-Sharp Minor, 14 May 1936.

Goodman Orchestra, Sing Me a Swing Song, 27 May 1936.

—. Swingtime in the Rockies, 15 June 1936.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, It’s Like Reaching For the Moon; These Foolish Things, 30 June 1936.

Goodman Orchestra, You Turned the Tables on Me; Down South Camp Meeting, Riffin’ at the Ritz, 13 August 1936.

Wilson Orchestra, Sing Baby Sing, 24 August 1936 [essentially a Benny Goodman Quartet and Friends session, as Krupa, Goodman & Hampton are all on it].

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, The Way You Look Tonight, 21 October 1936. [Krupa.]

Goodman Orchestra, Somebody Loves Me; ‘Tain’t No Use; Jam Session; Did You Mean It?, 5 November 1936. [Ella Fitzgerald on “Did You Mean It?”]

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, Pennies From Heaven; I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, 19 November 1936.

Goodman Orchestra, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, 9 December 1936.


Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, This Year’s Kisses, 25 January 1937.

Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Jivin’ the Vibes; Stomp (Hampton Stomp), 8 February 1937.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, My Last Affair, 18 February 1937.

—. Carelessly; Moanin’ Low; Fine and Dandy, 31 March 1937.

Hampton Orchestra, Stompology, 14 April 1937.

Goodman Trio, Nice Work If You Can Get It (live, radio broadcast), 23 April 1937.

Hampton Orchestra, Rhythm, Rhythm, 26 April 1937.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, I’ll Get By; Mean to Me, 11 May 1937.

Goodman Orchestra, Sing, Sing, Sing; Peckin‘, 6 July 1937.

Teddy Wilson, Coquette, 30 July 1937. [Krupa]

Hampton Orchestra, Piano Stomp, 16 August 1937.

Wilson Orchestra, Big Apple; Ain’t Misbehavin’, 29 August 1937.

Goodman Orchestra, Sugarfoot Stomp, 6 September 1937.


Goodman Trio, Where or When, Silhouetted in the Moonlight (with Martha Tilton), 29 October 1937.

Goodman Orchestra, Life Goes to a Party, 12 November 1937.

Wilson, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, 12 November 1937.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, When You’re Smiling, 6 January 1938.

Goodman Orchestra (Trio & Quartet), 16 January 1938. Carnegie Hall concert, worth hearing in its entirety, if the current release is very hissy for sound preservation reasons.

—. Roll ‘Em, (Camel Caravan broadcast), 15 February 1938. [One of the last Krupa performances recorded with the BGO; Mary Lou Williams, arranger]

Wilson Orchestra, I’ll Dream Tonight, 29 April 1938.

Hampton Orchestra, Shoe Shiner’s Drag, 21 July 1938.

Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, April in My Heart; They Say, 9 November 1938.

Goodman Quintet, Pick-a-Rib (Pts 1 & 2); I Cried For You, 29 December 1938.



Wilson Orchestra with Holiday, More Than You Know; Sugar, 30 January 1939.

Goodman Sextet, Flying Home; Rose Room; Stardust, 2 October 1939.

Hampton Orchestra, The Heebie Jeebies are Rockin’ the Town, 12 October 1939. [w/ Christian]

Goodman Sextet, AC-DC Current, “Camel Caravan” broadcast, 14 October 1939.

Krupa & His Orchestra, Drummin’ Man, 2 November 1939.

Goodman Sextet, Soft Winds; Seven Come Eleven, 22 November 1939.

—. Shivers, 20 December 1939.


Goodman Orchestra (with Helen Forrest), How High the Moon, 7 February 1940 [Sauter, arr.]

Goodman Sextet, Till Tom Special; Gone With “What” Wind, 7 February 1940.

Goodman Orchestra (w/ Forrest), Shake Down the Stars, 1 March 1940. [Sauter]

Goodman Sextet, Sheik of Araby, 3 April 1940.

—. Grand Slam (Boy Meets Goy), 16 April 1940.

Hampton, Central Avenue Breakdown, 10 May 1940.

Goodman Sextet, Six Appeal, 16 June 1940.

Eddy Howard, Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, 4 October 1940 [Wilson, also Christian].

Goodman Sextet, Wholly Cats; As Long As I Live; Benny’s Bugle, 7 November 1940.

Goodman Orchestra, The Man I Love; Benny Rides Again, 13 November 1940. [Sauter]

Goodman Sextet, Breakfast Feud; Gone With What Draft (Gilly), 19 December 1940.

—. On the Alamo, 15 January 1941.


Krupa & His Orchestra (w/ Martha Tilton), Drum Boogie, 17 January 1941.

Goodman Sextet, Solo Flight, 4 March 1941

Krupa & His Orchestra (with Anita O’Day), Alreet, 12 March 1941.

Goodman Sextet, A Smo-o-ooth One; Air Mail Special, 13 March 1941.

Wilson, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, 7 April 1941.

Krupa & His Orch. (w/ O’Day & Roy Eldridge), Let Me Off Uptown, 8 May 1941.


Goodman Orchestra (with Peggy Lee), My Old Flame, 2 October 1941. [Sauter]

—. How Deep Is the Ocean, 8 October 1941. [Sauter]

—. If I Had You, 28 October 1941.

Krupa & His Orchestra, Bolero at the Savoy, 14 October 1941.

Goodman Sextet (w/ Peggy Lee), Blues in the Night; Where or When, 24 December 1941.

Wilson, Teddy Wilson Original; Piano Doodling, 21 January 1942.

Krupa & His Orchestra (w/ O’Day), That’s What You Think, 26 February 1942.

Goodman Sextet (w/ Lee), The Way You Look Tonight, 10 March 1942.

Hampton Orchestra, Flying Home, 26 May 1942.


Far too many recordings in this era for this section to be remotely comprehensive. But when these four are good, they’re still good (when we hit the LP age, a favorite track or two in parentheses).


Hampton Sextet (with Dinah Washington), Evil Gal Blues; I Know How To Do It; Homeward Bound, 29 December 1943.

Hampton Orchestra, Hamp’s Boogie Woogie, 2 March 1944.

Goodman Quintet, Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye, 16 November 1944.

—. Rachel’s Dream, 21 December 1944.

Krupa & the Band That Swings With Strings, Leave Us Leap, 22 January 1945.

Goodman Trio, Body and Soul, 4 February 1945. [Wilson]


Krupa Jazz Trio, Dark Eyes, 8 March 1945.

Goodman Sextet, Rachel’s Dream, 7 May 1945.

Hampton Septet (with Washington), Blow Top Blues, 21 May 1945.

Krupa & His Orchestra (w/ Anita O’Day), Opus No. 1; Boogie Blues, 21 August 1945.

Hampton Orchestra, Rockin’ in Rhythm, 29 January 1946.

Krupa & His Orchestra, Disc Jockey Jump, 22 January 1947.

—. Gene’s Boogie, 5 February 1947.

Hampton Orchestra, Mingus Fingers, 10 November 1947.

—. Calling Doctor Gillespie; Up an Atom, 29 December 1947.


Goodman Septet, Swedish Pastry, live recordings at the Clique in Philadelphia, 24 May-5 June 1948, later collected.

Goodman Septet, Stealin’ Apples, 9 September 1948.

Hampton. New Central Ave. Breakdown, 27 January 1949.

Goodman Orchestra, Undercurrent Blues, 10 February 1949.

Hampton Orchestra, The Hucklebuck; Lavender Coffin, 10 May 1949.

—. Rag Mop, 29 December 1949.


Wilson, Piano Moods, 1950 (“Bess You Is My Woman Now”).

Krupa and Buddy Rich, Krupa and Rich, 1 November 1955. (“Bernie’s Tune”)

Wilson and Lester Young, Pres and Teddy, 13 January 1956 (“Prisoner of Love”).

Krupa Big Band (w/Anita O’Day & Roy Eldridge), Drummer Man, 1956. (“Drummin’ Man”)

Hampton, Mai 1956. (“Regina’s Drag”)

Wilson Trio & Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Bob Brookmeyer, At Newport  6 July 1957. (“I Got Rhythm”)

Goodman Orchestra, The Complete Benny in Brussels, 25-31 May 1958. (“Goodbye”)

Krupa and Rich, Burnin’ Beat, 18-19 January 1962. (“Evolution”)

Hampton & His Inner Circle of Jazz, Greasy Greens, 1967.  (A live performance from Helsinki in ’66 really smokes).

Wilson Trio, In Europe 1968. (“My Silent Love”)

Goodman Orchestra, A London Date, 28 October, 27-28 November 1969 (“Octopus’s Garden”).


—. Benny Goodman Today, live in Stockholm, 1970. (“Goodbye” yet again).

Wilson, With Billie in Mind, May 1972. (“Body and Soul”).

—. Runnin’ Wild, 4 July 1973 (live, Montreux Festival). (“One O’Clock Jump”)

Goodman (with George Benson), Seven Come Eleven, 15, 23 September, 14 November 1975.  (“Seven Come Eleven”)

Wilson Trio, Teddy Wilson Revisits the Goodman Years, June 1980. (“Moonglow”)