3. Sources

The best and, frankly, only well-researched profile (“Harmony Lane: Remembering Summertime”) of the Jamies was written for Goldmine in 2008 by Todd Baptista, which he subsequently put on his site, TRB Enterprises. Baptista also wrote an obituary for Tom Jameson upon the latter’s death in 2009. Without Baptista’s work, this entry would have been far more speculative as to the history of the Jamies; I’m greatly indebted to him.

The remaining sources are (mostly) contemporary trade press articles, all lacking bylines.

Billboard, all September 1958 issues.
—2 November 1959.
—24 August 2002 (Suzzy Roche quote in Jim Bessman’s “Words and Music” column).

Cash Box, 26 July 1958.
—16 August 1958.
—13 December 1958.
—12 May 1962.
—9 June 1962.

Variety, 30 July 1958.