3. Discography

Jeannie Roy: soprano vocal; Serena Jameson: alto vocal; Tom Jameson: tenor vocal; Arthur Blair: bass vocal. Uncredited musicians (most likely Columbia studio regulars): harpsichord (poss. Stan Freeman), guitar, piano, bass, drums.


Summertime, Summertime/ Searching for You, Epic 5-9281 [both songs: Jameson, Feller].

Demo (unreleased): rec.: 24 May 1958, Roy Nelson Studio, Boston; (single) rec.: 2 July 1958, Capitol Studio, New York; rel.: 18 July 1958 (US #26); reissued May 1962 (US #38).

Snow Train/ When the Sun Goes Down, Epic 5-9299 [“Snow Train,” Feller; “Sun” Jameson, Feller]

Rec.: ca. November 1958, Capitol; rel.: ca. 1 December 1958.


-Blair, S. Jameson + Rosalind Dever: alto vocal, Robert Paolucci: bass vocal.

The Evening Star/ Don’t Darken My Door, United Artists 193 [“Star,” Jameson; “Door,” Jaspon, Jay].

Rec.: ca. September 1959; rel.: November 1959.

(“The Evening Star” is listed as the A-side by Billboard in contemporary ads and articles, though other sources on the Jamies claim that “Don’t Darken My Door” was (and it sounds like it was intended as such)).