2(c). Discography

Tanya Donelly: lead and harmony vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards; Thomas Gorman: lead and rhythm guitar, organ, piano, bass; Fred Abong: bass; Chris Gorman: drums, percussion. All songs Donelly unless otherwise noted.


The “Breeders” Demos. Recorded ca. late 1990-early 1991, Fort Apache, Cambridge (with Joe Harvard, pedal steel, and Kim Deal, guitar on “Feed the Tree,” “White Belly”). Released: originally on the Swan Song Series Vol. 4, November 2013.

Someone to Die For/ White Belly [Abong, Donelly]/ Feed the Tree/ Witch/ Sad Dress/ Angel/ Star/ Slow Dog/ Dusted/ Every Word.



Slow Dust, 4AD BAD 2009. Rec. ca. spring 1992, Normandy Sound, Warren, Rhode Island; rel.: 29 June 1992.

Dusted/ Slow Dog/ Dancing Gold/ Low Red Moon/ Dusted (Slow Version) [‘hidden’ track].

Gepetto, 4AD BAD 2018. Rec. ca. summer 1992, Amazon Studios, Liverpool (“Gepetto”); Fort Apache (Dylan Roy, bass; Juliana Hatfield, vocals (“Hot Burrito #1”)); rel. 9 November 1992 (UK #49).

Gepetto/ Hot Burrito #1 [Parsons, Ethridge]/ Sexy S/ Sweet Ride.


Feed the Tree, 4AD BAD 3001. Rec. ca. mid-late 1992, Amazon Studios; Fort Apache (Leslie Langston, bass (“Dream on Me,” “Star”); Roy, bass (“Trust in Me”); rel. 11 January 1993 (UK# 32, US #95).

Feed the Tree/ Trust in Me [Sherman/Sherman]/ Dream on Me/ Star.


Star, 4AD CAD 3002/ Sire 9 45187-2. Rec.: (non-prev.-released tracks) summer-fall 1992, Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville; rel.: 25 January (UK)/ 3 February 1993 (UK #2, US #59).

Someone to Die For/ Angel/ Dusted/ Every Word/ Gepetto/ Witch/ Slow Dog/ Low Red Moon// Feed the Tree/ Full Moon, Empty Heart/ White Belly [Abong, Donelly]/ Untogether/ Star/ Sad Dress/ Stay.

– Abong + Gail Greenwood: bass, harmony vocals.


Moon, Sire 9 41547-2. Rec. ca. mid-late 1992, Fort Apache; rel.: ca. late 1993.

Are You Experienced [Hendrix]/ It’s Not Unusual [Mills, Reed] (Ivo’s Version)/ (Usual Mix)/ (Unusual Mix)/ Full Moon, Empty Heart (Album Version)/ (Lunar Mix)/ (Bloody Mary Mix).



Now They’ll Sleep, 4AD BAD 5003. Rec.: ca. summer 1994, Compass Point, Nassau; Fort Apache North; rel.: 23 January 1995 (UK #28).

Now They’ll Sleep [Donelly, T. Gorman]/ Thief [Donelly, T. Gorman]/ Baby’s Arm/ John Dark.


King, 4AD CAD 5004/ Sire 9 45833-2. Rec.: ca. summer 1994, Compass Point Studios; rel.: 13 [UK]/14 February 1995 [UK #6, US #57].

Puberty [Donelly, Greenwood]/ Seal My Fate/ Red [Donelly, T. Gorman]/ Silverfish [Donelly, T. Gorman]/ Super-Connected [Donelly, Greenwood]/ The Bees// King/ Now They’ll Sleep [Donelly, T. Gorman]/ Untitled and Unsung/ L’il Ennio/ Judas My Heart [Donelly, T. Gorman].

Seal My Fate, 4AD BAD 5007. Rec. ca. 1994, Fort Apache (b-sides); rel.: 13 July 1995 (UK #35). [In the UK, originally meant to be “Super-Connected” w/ same B-sides. “Super-Connected” was issued as a single in Europe and as a promo CD single in the US.]

Seal My Fate/ Spaceman/ Diamond Rib Cage/ Think About Your Troubles [Nilsson].


Sun, Sire/Reprise PROCD-774 (promo CD single). Rec.: “Judas My Heart and the Bees, live in London,” Shepherd’s Bush Empire, March 1995; “Judas Mon Coeur,” Palace des Artistes, Paris. Rel.: ca. summer 1995.

Judas My Heart/ Judas My Heart (live in London)/ Judas Mon Coeur/ The Bees (live in London)/ Spaceman.



Feel, 83774-01. Rec. 2016-2017, information same as below. Rel.: 21 April 2018.

Army of Clay/ Human Child/ Starryeyed/ Hushabye Mountain [all songs by band except “Hushabye Mtn.,” (Sherman, Sherman)].

Dove, 83774-031-S. Rec.: 2016-2017, Stable Sound (Portsmouth, RI), Downwind Farm (Rhode Island), Lavastudio (T. Gorman home studio?, New York), Studio 24 (Donelly home studio, Massachusetts), Rock ‘n’ Roll Control Center (Greenwood home studio, Rhode Island). Rel: 4 May 2018 (UK #34, US #136).

Mine/ Shiny One/ Human Child/ Faceless/ Suffer the Fools/ Girl/ Army of Clay/ Stars Align/ Quicksand/ Artifact/ Heartstrings/ Starryeyed [all songs written by band]. LP has a greatly different sequence and cuts “Quicksand” and “Starryeyed.”