2(b). Discography

Kim Deal: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, lead and rhythm guitar, bass, Moog, Casiotone, drums; Tanya Donelly: lead and rhythm guitar, harmony vocals. All songs Deal unless otherwise noted.


Pod demos (unreleased). Rec.: Fort Apache, Boston, ca. late 1988-early 1989.

Rave On/ Only in 3’s [Deal, Donelly]/ Glorious [Deal, Halliday]/ Fortunately Gone/ Doe [Deal, Halliday]/ Drivin’ on 9 [Leone, Hickoff]/ Silver [Deal, Thompson]/ When I Was a Painter/ You Always Hang Around [later rewritten as “Divine Hammer”]/ Overcome/ Lime House.


+ Josephine Wiggs: bass, vocals, guitar, cello, piano, drums; Britt Walford [as “Shannon Doughton” and “Mike Hunt”]: drums, vocals.


Pod, 4AD CAD 0006. Rec.: early-mid January 1990, Palladium Studios, Edinburgh; rel.: 28 May 1990 [reissued in 1992 in the US by Elektra] (UK #22).

Glorious [Deal, Halliday]/ Doe [Deal, Halliday]/ Happiness Is a Warm Gun [Lennon, McCartney]/ Oh!/ Hellbound/ When I Was a Painter// Fortunately Gone/ Iris/ Opened/ Only in 3’s [Deal, Donelly]/ Lime House/ Metal Man [Deal, Wiggs].


+ Kelley Deal: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead and harmony vocals


Safari, 4AD BAD 2003. Rec.: ca. late 1991-early 1992, First Protocol, London (“Safari,” w/John Mattock, drums); Looking Glass Studios, NYC; rel.: 6 April 1992 (UK #69).

Do You Love Me Now? [Deal, Deal]/ Don’t Call Home [Deal, Murphy]// Safari/ So Sad About Us [Townshend].

-Donelly, Walford + Jim Macpherson: drums, vocals.


Cannonball, 4AD BAD 3011. Rel.: 9 August 1993 (UK #40, US #44).

Cannonball/ Cro-Aloha/ Lord of the Thighs [Tyler]/ 900 [Wiggs].


Last Splash, 4AD CAD 3014. Rec.: November 1992-early 1993, Refraze Recording Studio, Dayton, OH; Coast Recorders, San Francisco; Brilliant Studios, San Francisco; rel.: 31 August 1993 (UK #5, US #33).

New Year/ Cannonball/ Invisible Man/ No Aloha/ Roi/ Do You Love Me Now? [Deal, Deal]/ Flipside// I Just Wanna Get Along [Deal, Deal]/ Mad Lucas/ Divine Hammer/ S.O.S./ Hag/ Saints/ Drivin’ on 9 [Leone, Hickoff]/ Roi (Reprise).

Divine Hammer, 4AD BAD 3017. Rel.: 25 October 1993 (UK #59).

Divine Hammer/ Hoverin’ [Deal, Murphy]/ I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You) [Williams]/ Do You Love Me Now Jr? [Deal, Deal].



Head to Toe, 4AD BAD 4012. Rec. (“Head to Toe”) Cro Magnon, Dayton, 21 March 1994; Dreamland, Kingston, NY, 4 March 1994; rel.: 11 July 1994 (UK #68).

Head to Toe (Wiggs, Senechal)/ Shocker in Gloomtown (Pollard)// Freed Pig (Barlow)/ Saints.

-Wiggs, Macpherson.



Climbing the Sun/ Forced to Drive, Breeders Digest BD-02 (45 RPM 7″ single issued to Breeders Digest subscribers). Demos recorded July 1996 at Loho Studios, NYC, that were later released (“Forced”) or re-recorded (“Climbing”) on the “Huffer” single, 2002.


The Mod Squad: Music From the MGM Motion Picture. Rel.: 23 March 1999.

Collage [James Gang cover, rec. ca. 1997-1998, possibly at Pachyderm Studio near Minneapolis].

By 2000:

+ Richard Presley: lead guitar; Mando Lopez: bass; José Medeles: drums.



Title TK, 4AD CAD 2205. Rec.: 1999 (“The She,” “Too Alive,” “Forced to Drive”), ca. early-mid 2001, Electrical Audio Studios, Chicago; (“Sinister Foxx,” “Son of Three”) Grandmaster Recording, Hollywood; rel.: 20 May 2002 (UK #51, US #130).

Little Fury [Deal, Deal, Lopez, Medeles, Presley]/ London Song/ Off You/ The She/ Too Alive// Son of Three/ Put on a Side/ Full on Idle/ Sinister Foxx [Deal, Deal, Lopez, Medeles, Presley]/ Forced to Drive/ T and T/ Huffer.

Huffer, 4AD BAD 2004. Rec.: July 1996 (“Forced to Drive”) Loho Studios, New York; 2001, Electrical Audio; Rel.: 20 May 2002.

Huffer/ Forced to Drive (Loho Version)/ Climbing the Sun.

Son of Three, 4AD AD 2213. Rec.: July 2002, Track Record, North Hollywood; June 2002, Melweg, Amsterdam (“Safari”); rel.: 2 September 2002 (UK #72).

Son of Three [rerecording]/ Buffy Theme [Dennis, Grip, Sherlock]/ Safari (live).




Mountain Battles, 4AD CAD 2803. Rec.: 2002-2007, Electrical Audio; Stagg Street Studio, Van Nuys, CA; Manny’s Estudio, LA; Refraze, Dayton; Deal basement, Dayton; rel.: 7 April 2018 (UK #46, US #98).

Overglazed/ Bang On/ Night of Joy/ We’re Gonna Rise/ German Studies/ Spark/ Istanbul//  Walk It Off/ Regalame Esta Noche [Cantoral]/ Here No More/ No Way/ It’s the Love [the Tasties]/ Mountain Battles.



Fate to Fatal, Period Music BR/DR-01. Rec.: ca. 2005-2008 (“Fate to Fatal”) Fortress Studios, London; (“Chances Are”) Electrical Audio; Deal basement, Dayton; rel.: 21 April 2009.

Fate to Fatal/ The Last Time// Chances Are [Marley]/ Pinnacle Hollow.

-Lopez, Medeles (2010)  + Wiggs, Macpherson (2013)


Wait in the Car, 4AD 4AD0036S3. Rec.: Electrical Audio (B-sides); Candyland Recording Studios, Dayton, KY; rel. 3 October 2017.

Wait in the Car (Deal, Presley). 7″ single versions have: Joanne (Nesmith)/ Gates of Steel (Mothersbaugh, Casale, Schmidt, Smith).



All Nerve, 4AD 4AD0035. Rec.: Candyland; (“All Nerve”) Electrical Audio (plus overdubs on other tracks); (“Dawn”) Fernwood Studios, Dayton, OH; rel.: 2 March 2018 (UK #9, US #79).

Nervous Mary/ Wait in the Car [Deal, Presley]/ All Nerve/ MetaGoth [Deal, Wiggs]/ Spacewoman [Deal, Nagler]/ Walking With a Killer// Howl at the Summit/ Archangel Thunderbird [Rogner, Wienziel]/ Dawn: Making an Effort/ Skinhead #2 [Deal, Wiggs]/ Blues at the Acropolis.