2(a). Discography

Charles “Black Francis” Thompson: vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar; Joey Santiago: lead guitar, vocals; Kim Deal (aka “Mrs. John Murphy”): vocals, bass; David Lovering: drums, vocals. Songs written by Thompson unless otherwise noted.



Pixies (aka “The Purple Tape”), self-released demo. Rec.: Fort Apache, Roxbury, Boston, ca. 10-15 March 1987 [tracks subsequently released on (^) Come on Pilgrim, (*) the Pixies EP (2002) and/or (%) later re-recorded].

Levitate Me^ [Thompson, Deal, Lovering, Santiago, Walsh]/ The Holiday Song^/ I’ve Been Tired^/ Break My Body*%/ Down to the Well*%/ Rock a My Soul*/ I’m Amazed*%/ Build High*%/ In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)* [Lynch, Ivers]// Caribou^/ Here Comes Your Man*%/ Subbacultcha*%/ Vamos^%/ Broken Face*%/ Nimrod’s Son^/ Isla de Encanta^/ Ed Is Dead^.

Original tracking order: The Holiday Song/ I’m Amazed/ Rock a My Soul 1/ Rock a My Soul 2/ Isla de Encanta/ Caribou/ Broken Face/ I’ve Been Tired/ Build High/ Break My Body/ Ed Is Dead/ Here Comes Your Man/ Down to the Well/ Subbacultcha/ Nimrod’s Son/ Vamos [multiple takes]/ In Heaven/ “The New One” [Levitate Me]/ Isla de Encanta [another take]. [Also, never released but recorded and mixed: a cover of Larry Norman’s “Watch What You’re Doing.”]


Come On Pilgrim, 4AD MAD 709. Eight remixed tracks from the Purple Tape (see above), rel. 28 September 1987.



Surfer Rosa, 4AD CAD 803. Rec.: December 1987, Q Division, 443 Albany St., Boston; rel.: 2 March 1988.

Bone Machine/ Break My Body/ Something Against You/ Broken Face/ Gigantic [Deal, Thompson]/ River Euphrates// Where Is My Mind?/ Cactus/ Tony’s Theme/ Oh My Golly/ Vamos/ I’m Amazed/ Brick Is Red.


Gigantic, 4AD BAD 805. First two tracks re-recorded at Blackwing, London; latter two tracks recorded at the Town & Country Club, London, both May 1988; rel. 28 August 1988.

Gigantic/ River Euphrates/ Vamos (live)/ Heaven (live).


Monkey Gone to Heaven, 4AD BAD 904. Rec. (except title track) ca. mid-late 1988, Fort Apache, Boston; rel. 20 March 1989.

Monkey Gone to Heaven/ Manta Ray// Weird at My School/ Dancing the Manta Ray.


Doolittle, 4AD CAD 905/ Elektra 9 60856-2. Rec. 31 October-23 November 1988, Downtown Recorders, Boston; Carriage House Studios, Stamford, CT; rel.: 17 April 1989 (UK #8, US #98).

Debaser/ Tame/ Wave of Mutilation/ I Bleed/ Here Comes Your Man/ Dead/ Monkey Gone to Heaven// Mr. Grieves/ Crackity Jones/ La La Love You/ No. 13 Baby/ There Goes My Gun/ Hey/ Silver [Deal, Thompson]/ Gouge Away.


Here Comes Your Man, 4AD BAD 909/ Elektra 9 66694-2. Rec. late 1988-ca. early 1989, Fort Apache North (“Into the White”), Eden Studios, Newtonville, MA (“Bailey’s Walk”), Palladium, Edinburgh (“Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)”; rel.: 19 June 1989.

Here Comes Your Man/ Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)// Into the White/ Bailey’s Walk.


Velouria, 4AD BAD 0009/ Elektra 9 66616-2. Rel. 16 July 1990.

Velouria/ Make Believe/ I’ve Been Waiting for You [Young]/ The Thing.


Bossanova, 4AD CAD 0010/ Elektra 9 60963-2. Rec.: February-spring 1990, Cherokee Studios, Silverlake Studios, LA [“Blown Away” cut at Hansa Tonstudio, Berlin, June 1989], AIR Studios, London; rel. 13 August 1990 (UK #3, US #70).

Cecilia Ann [Surftones]/ Rock Music/ Velouria/ Allison/ Is She Weird/ Ana/ All Over the World// Dig for Fire/ Down to the Well/ The Happening/ Blown Away/ Hang Wire/ Stormy Weather/ Havalina.

Dig for Fire, 4AD BAD 0014/ Elektra 9 66596-2. Rel.: 29 October 1990.

Dig for Fire/ Velvety/ Winterlong [Young]/ Santo.


Planet of Sound, 4AD BAD 1008. Rec. ca. late 1990-early 1991, Master Control, Burbank, CA [latter two tracks issued in US in 1992 on the “Alec Eiffel” CD single].

Planet of Sound/ Theme from Narc // Build High/ Evil Hearted You [Gouldman].


Trompe le Monde, 4AD CAD 1014/ Elektra 9 61118-2. Rec. ca. late 1990-early 1991, Master Control; Pacifique, Burbank, CA; Studio des Dames, Paris; Blackwing, London; rel.: 23 September 1991 (UK #7, US #92).

Trompe le Monde/ Planet of Sound/ Alec Eiffel/ The Sad Punk/ Head On [Reid/Reid]/ U-Mass/ Palace of the Brine/ Letter to Memphis// Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons/ Space (I Believe In)/ Subbacultcha/ Distance Equals Rate Times Time/ Lovely Day/ Motorway to Roswell/ The Navajo Know.

Head On, 4AD 866 527-2/ Elektra PRCD 8535-2. [CD single issued only in Canada/Japan and as a promo in the US]. “Planet of Sound” and “Tame” live recordings from Brixton Academy, 26 July 1991; “Debaser” from Chicago, 9 August 1989.

Head On/ Planet of Sound (live)/ Tame (live)/ Debaser (live).



Bam Thwok [Deal], self-released MP3 on iTunes. Rel.: 11 June 2004.


-Deal + Simon “Dingo” Archer, bass

EP 1, self-released. Rec.: ca. late 2012, Rockfield Studios, Wales; early 2013, Sonelab, Easthampton, MA [likely for the only time in this series: a studio I live in walking distance of. Go Sonelab!], Autumn Den, Northampton, MA; rel.: 3 September 2013.

Andro Queen/ Another Toe in the Ocean// Indie Cindy/ What Goes Boom.



EP 2, self-released. Same rec. info as EP 1; rel.: 3 January 2014.

Blue Eyed Hexe/ Magdalena// Greens and Blues/ Snakes.

EP 3, self-released. Same rec. info as EP 1; rel.: 24 March 2014.

Bagboy/ Silver Snail// Ring the Bells/ Jamie Bravo.

Indie Cindy, Pixies Music PM006DLP. Collects all tracks from the three previous EPs. Rel: 23 April 2014.

+ Paz Lenchantin: bass, violin, vocals.



Head Carrier, Pixies Music 018. Rec. RAK Studios; rel.: 30 September 2016.

Head Carrier/ Classic Masher/ Baal’s Back/ Might As Well Be Gone/ Oona/ Talent// Tenement Song/ Bel Esprit/ All I Think About Now/ Um Chagga Lagga/ Plaster of Paris/ All the Saints. [All songs: music: Pixies; lyrics: Thompson (+ Lenchantin on “All I Think About Now”).]


On Graveyard Hill, Infectious Music (MP3). Rel.: 3 June 2019, ahead of upcoming album, Beneath the Eyrie, in September.